At our company, we strive to create innovative solutions that have a positive impact on people's lives. Our areas of expertise span across a range of sectors, including air traffic management, defense and security, simulations, logistics, and asset management, among others.

Innovative and unique, Atech has high capabilities on systems life cycle, applying leading-edge knowledge in the development of solutions of different sizes and segments, which help Customer to promote the transformation of their businesses, in Brazil and worldwide. 

Corporate Solution

All of Atech's experience and knowledge has been applied to develop technological solutions for the B2B sector, with a focus on Asset Management, Logistics and Intelligent Connections, using agile methodologies, for businesses that face increasing operational and technological complexity.


With a unique expertise in engineering, development and integration of situational awareness systems and technologies, the company serves the needs of its customers, from air navigation service providers, airport and airline operators, to military aviation and air defense agencies. . Created in accordance with International Civil Aviation (ICAO) regulations, with a focus on safety, reliability and intensive use of world-class technologies and innovations, the Makron portfolio offers a complete and modularized set of solutions, while Atech provides services throughout of the entire implementation, integration and support cycle.

Defense & Security

Recognized as the “System House” of the Defense Industrial Base, Atech has a track record of successful deliveries of onboard and command and control systems to support civil and military areas. Acting in the complete life cycle of the systems, from conception, passing through the design, development, commissioning and integrated logistical support, Atech solutions assure safe and efficient systems designed within the aspects of each scenario. The Arkhe product family constitutes vital systems for several countries, contributing to mission planning, surveillance, cyber security and decision making, including training.


Committed to ethical behavior, Atech practices with all its employees, partners, suppliers and Customers an action based on our governance of whole business activities: our Code of Ethics and our Anti-Corruption Policy are the pillars of this commitment.


Atech reflects the commitment to achieve our business objectives with ethics and transparency, involving internal and external stakeholders in integrity, preserving the environment and confident for the well-being of the communities where we operate. In order to comply with all regulations and obligations, Atech operates based on Laws nº 12.846/2013 (Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law) and 8.666/13 (Brazilian Bidding Law), its Code of Ethics and Conduct and its Anti-Corruption Policy.


Atech currently maintains active contracts with the public administration and and the information can be consulted on the Transparency Portal of the Federal Government.

Financial Statements

Here you will find Financial Statements published by Atech. They are available for download.

Sponsorships and Donations

In order to promote social welfare, initiatives are promoted to ensure alignment with the company's mission and values, always in alignment with the business strategies, complying with the company's Compliance policies.

Note: In 2020 no sponsorships were carried out.
Atech has not made any donations so far. If this is done, the company will duly disclose it.

Trabalhe conosco

We believe in human potential and in creating a team that moves between experience and youth, uniting experience and willingness to learn, providing a space for growth and being part of a company that, much more than developing systems, conceptualizes and delivers solutions that impact people's lives.

We count on you, a new talent that wants to learn and innovate so that together we can continue building solutions that impact and bring security to our society.

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